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PhotoClops Shop News Section

The new 2010 Ponte Vecchio Calendar Print is now available in the PhotoClops Shop. You can view the image of Ponte Vecchio here.

I added another 2010 Calendar Print to the PhotoClops Shop, with the image of the Duomo in Florence.

One more 2010 Calendar Print has been added to the PhotoClops Shop. This Calendar Print features the Cypress Tree Stand image from Tuscany.

Check out the new 2010 Sheep Flock Calendar Print in the PhotoClops Shop . See the Sheep Flock image here.

September 18, 2009

Another 2010 Calendar Print has been uploaded to the PhotoClops Shop. The calendar features an image of the Italian town of Pienza.

See the new 2010 Calendar Print featuring the image of the Grand Canal at night, from Ponte Rialto.

See the latest Calendar Print featuring the Piazzetta San Marco Image from Venice.

I have uploaded another 2010 calendar print to the PhotoClops Shop, featuring the photo of the Grand Canal from the Ponte dell’Accademia.

Since I put up the calendar print featuring the Gondolas Moored At Piazzetta San Marco image, CafePress has updated the calendars to 2010. I also changed the design for the calendar print and updated it in the Shop.

This image of Ponte Rialto in Venice is now available in the PhotoClops Shop. Currently the image is featured at 11″ x 8.5″ on a 2010 Calendar Print, see the calendar here.