Santa Monica Pier At Dusk Desktop Wallpaper

Santa Monica Pier At Dusk Desktop Wallpaper

I just uploaded the first desktop wallpaper to the new desktop category here at Photoclops.

The first wallpaper comes in six different formats including for the iPhone and it features an image of Santa Monica Pier at dusk.

More importantly, I finished setting up the desktop wallpaper category. It took a lot longer than I thought it would.

The first issue was the image hosting. For some reason my WordPress installation would not allow me to upload the larger wallpaper formats through its web administration interface. After some quick research I read about some 2MB limit that WordPress had, which could be fixed with some sort of php script file uploaded to the server. But I couldn’t even upload files under 1MB, so I wasn’t even sure if this fix would fix my situation. I looked around at other image hosting sites, like Flickr and Picasa, even Tumblr, but ultimately I hosted the wallpapers on my own server, uploading them to their own folder in my WordPress installation.

Once I decided where and how I was hosting the desktop wallpapers, I wanted to customize the look of the posts that appeared in the new category. That involved setting up a redirect in the single post page to a new single post file, which I was customizing for desktop wallpaper posts. I’m content with how the posts are being displayed, for now. I would eventually like to customize how the category page looks, and make some more minor changes to the wallpaper single post page. But I think it’s time to upload some more desktop wallpapers.