Italy Itinerary Image
Tuscany Countryside

I feel like I was planning and anticipating this trip to Italy for such a long time, and now it is over, even the jetlag has worn off.

Just getting started was exhausting. I left Los Angeles on May 11, stopped of in New York until May 13, and arrived in Rome early May 14. In Rome I had a 5 hour layover after which I got on one last flight to Venice where I actually began my trip.

Venice is a fantastic city and a lot of fun to capture with your camera. Every turn you make can reveal another photo opportunity. I allotted three nights of my 12 day trip to Venice, arriving on the 14th, I left on the 17th. I arrived by plane and left by rail.

Florence was the next stop, there I only spent 2 nights. Actually, first I spent a night with some friends in a town outside Florence called Montelupo, then I spent 2 nights in Florence. I didn’t really look forward to shooting amongst the people of such a bustling city, but I felt somewhat obligated to try to get some shots of it while I was in Italy. I think 2 nights was enough.

Next I rented a car out of Florence to drive my way down through Tuscany and all the way to Rome. This was the part of the trip I was really looking forward to the most. I stopped off in San Gimignano for a few hours. The town is known as the “Medieval Manhattan” for its 14 still standing towers, of which you can climb one of them. Afterwards I made my way to Pienza, where I stayed for the next 4 nights. Right in the middle of the Tuscany countryside I was able to get around to see some of Italy’s most beautiful landscapes.

As much as I didn’t look forward to the crowds in Florence, I looked forward even less to the crowds in Rome. I gave myself one night to look around Rome, before heading back home on May 25.

I’ve been home for almost 2 weeks now, and I still haven’t finished sorting through all the photos I took. I’ll post a few of them once I am done with that.