What I Am Missing Image
Circular polarizer

On my recent trip to Italy I ended up taking many landscape shots, as usual.  After reviewing the photos from the trip, I came to the conclusion that I need to add two more pieces of equipment to my mounting pile of photo gear.  Fortunately, these two things are relatively inexpensive.

The first thing I need is a circular polarizer with a thinner profile.  My circular polarizer has a total depth of about 10mm, and after being screwed on to the lens, extends 7mm beyond the lens itself.  The lens I mount it on is a Sony SAL18200 lens, with focal range from 18-200mm, and it takes a 62mm filter.  Because of the depth of the polarizer I get vignetting from 18-35mm.  Another reason I don’t like my current polarizer is that it is very difficult to unscrew from the lens.  I’ve shopped around a little for a thin polarizer and think I can get one that is 5mm deep for between 70 and 120 USD.

The other thing I need is a graduated neutral density filter, maybe with a .6 ND.  If I had that filter on my recent Italy trip, I think that I would have come back with a few more great shots.  I realized that as long as I am going to concentrate on landscapes, I will need a graduated neutral density filter to control the brightness of the sky.  Since I will want to use this filter when shooting at wide angles, I also want this filter to have a slim profile.  One of these will probably run me 70USD and up.

It is always disapppointing when you look over your photos and you see the vignetting on some of you really nicely composed shots.  On some really tightly compose shots, it can ruin the shot all together.  A thinner polarizer will help me cut down on that problem.  The neutral density filter will help me capture more sunsets and other landscape photos.  I hope I can find them in a retail store someplace, so that I can see them for myself before I purchase them.