Hoya Pro1D Low Profile Circular Polarizer Image
Hoya 62mm Pro1D Low Profile Circular Polarizer

While I was at the store dropping off my camera to get the sensor cleaned, I bought a Hoya low profile circular polarizer to replace my old Sunpak. The Sunpak still works great, but it causes severe vignetting when my 18-200mm zoom lens is zoomed anywhere below 28-30mm. It is a big inconvenience and can interfere in some really nice shots. It was getting to the point where I was avoiding the lower focal range of my lens when I had the filter on, trying to only shoot longer than 30mm.

The Current Setup
Before I got this Hoya slim filter I was using a typical Sunpak circular polarizer. The polarizers are for my Sony SAL-18250 lens, with a filter size of 62mm.

Slim Is In
I know I can’t completely get rid of the vignetting, but I wanted to at least reduce it. The only way to do that was to get a slimmer filter than my Sunpak.

I figured that a slim polarizer would be rather expensive, and was already prepared to pay upwards of 100 USD. It turns out I was right, I paid 109.95 plus tax. I could have gotten another cheaper filter, for about 70 USD, but this one had some multicoat. I have been having problems with flaring from light sources in the evenings and I was hoping a lens with a coating would help.

Slim vs. Not
The full description of the filter is the Hoya 62mm Pro1D Circular Polarizer, Low Profile Frame, with Digital Multi Coat (DMC). The back of the case makes several claims, the first of which is that the DMC “greatly reduces” flare and ghosting, which is just what I am looking for. The case also claims that it itself is a UV protective case for the filter, so when you get yours, make sure to save the case. Another feature that it boasts is a knurling edge for easy attachment and removal; that sounds nice too, since the Sunpak was very difficult to remove.

Of course, the back of the case also highlights the low profile design of the lens. I compared my Sunpak to the Hoya low profile filter and as it turns out the Hoya extends 5mm beyond the end of your lens, and the Sunpak filter is 8mm. That’s quite a difference and hopefully that will translate in terms of vignetting, or lack thereof.

Hoya Slim Polarizer And Box
The Hoya Pro1D Polarizer Next To Its Retail Box

Hoya and Sunpak Circular Polarizers Side By Side
Hoya Pro1D Circular Polarizer 3mm Shorter Than Regular Filters