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Quick Guide On How To Shoot In Manual Mode
Tutorial On How To Shoot In Manual Mode With Your Digital Camera
Part 0: Introduction

Over the next couple of weeks I figured I will explain how to shoot in Manual Mode with your digital SLR camera. I can’t stress how much getting the correct exposure is important in getting a great shot, whether it is a landscape photo, or an action photo, or a travel snapshot. The correct exposure [...]

If you shoot in Auto Mode and you are frequently disappointed with how the camera’s processor exposes your images, you can easily adjust the exposure without having to switch out of Auto Mode. <strong>How To Adjust Exposure With Sony A100 DSLR</strong> Adjusting the exposure in Auto Mode is very simple with the Sony Alpha 100 [...]

When I first got my Sony Alpha 100 Digital SLR, along with practicing shooting in manual mode, there were several features which I started using right away which helped me capture more scenes properly. The features I will write about are on the Sony A100, but are likely applicable to your camera, if it is [...]

There is nothing more disappointing than going out to a particular location to take some pictures and coming back to find that most of your images are plagued with blurry spots. This could be just some dust on your camera’s sensor which you can easily clean yourself. This happened to me. I went out several [...]

This list is a list of the TOP 5 EASY things I did to get better photographs this year. Surely there are many things you can do, some arguably more important, or effective, or whatever. But this list is EASY in that it doesn’t require much thinking or learning. If you do these 5 things, [...]

Taking photographs of fireworks displays is quite easy and produces great looking photographs. What You Will Need You will need your camera and a tripod. Setting Up Of course, first find a great vantage point to view the fireworks. Then set the camera on the tripod and generally frame the scene that you will want [...]

When shooting at points of light, you can easily turn those points of light into starbursts using a cross screen filter or star filter. However, you can still capture a starburst effect by closing your aperture as small as it can go. To produce the best effect you should stop down to around f/20 and [...]

There are many times when I take my camera out in dim lighting that I want to avoid using flash. The flash tends to wash out features, making things look unnatural. The foreground tends to be really bright and the background is at best difficult to see and at worst it is completely black. This [...]

Whether your are shooting digital images or film; whether in black-and-white or color, you can use filters as an inexpensive way to help make your photographs stand out. All you need is an SLR camera with an interchangeable lens mount and lens, and the filter of your choosing, of course. There are a large variety [...]

A tripod is a must for any serious photographer and should be seriously considered by any amateur photographer. Tripods are a simple, albeit cumbersome, way to take better photographs, and photographs of things that you couldn’t just by hand holding your camera, whether digital or film. Tripods allow you to take great night scene shots [...]